Air Filter Dry Cleaning Systems – NSW

Air Filter Dry Cleaning Systems – NSW was established in Singleton, in 1998. Research identified that the Hunter Region, with its very extensive mining operations, required an alternative method of cleaning Air Filters to what was being offered at the time. The decision to establish the ‘Sonic’ method of cleaning air filters was also influenced by reviewing the successful, Western Australia operation of the Sonic Air Filter Dry Cleaning System.

Oil filter Disposal Service

Oil filter Disposal Service is a more recent business development. This side of our operations evolved out of a necessity for mining companies and other related business to comply with changing Environmental laws governing the handling and disposal of used oil filters. Our company has established the facility to crush, extract and dispose of all used oil filters under the Department of Environment and Conversation – NSW licenses and reporting guidelines.

AFDC would like to welcome aboard our newest client to take advantage of our Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Service!

We are looking forward to maximising your cost savings and building a strong working relationship in the future!