The Sonic Process

Dry cleaning air filters is better business
Replacing cartridge filters with new filters is a costly and environmentally unsound practice.
At as much as $250 per filter, not including shipping and handling, maintenance managers can easily spend thousands of dollars each year on new air filters.
By dry cleaning an air filter maintenance managers now have the capacity to repeatedly clean and reuse their filters.
This means dramatically reducing new air filter purchasing costs while at the same time helping the environment.
Air filter dry cleaning Systems means fewer new air filter purchases, lower disposal costs and greater saving over time – that means better business.

Innovative Filter Cleaning Technology
The Sonic dry cleaning technology uses proprietary combinations of vibration, rotation, compressed air and vacuum to clean virtually any air filter in a matter of minutes.
At no time, unlike wet washing, are any liquids, chemicals or solvents used -Sonic is fast, efficient, compact and environmentally safe.

Better Than New
When first installed, a new filter is less than 100% efficient until it builds up a filtering shield known as a pre-coat. Most of the contaminants that pass through an air filter do so during the early part of a filter’s life -when filter efficiency is at its lowest. Only after 5% -20% of an air filter’s life has passed does the filter develop the pre-coat. The pre-coat is formed when tiny microscopic particles build up on the media surface once formed the filter is capable of filtering targeted contaminants at 100% efficiency.

Unlike other methods of cleaning, Sonic’s dry cleaning

Method does not remove or damage the pre-coat.

The precisely engineered surface nozzles direct air off the filter at precise angles, thoroughly cleaning the filter media while leaving the pre-coat intact. With a Sonic dry cleaned filter you will be fitting a filter that performs better than new -resulting in less wear and tear on your equipment.