Sonic USA

Air filter technology for the 21st Century

Air filter dry cleaning technology was first introduced over two decades ago when Sonic Dry Clean Inc developed and patented its automatic air filter dry cleaning system. Since then Sonic has emerged as the leading manufacturer of high performance air filter dry cleaning systems to the world. Sonic follows a strict policy of testing by third party independent organizations. As a result no other air filter cleaning system has undergone, and overwhelmingly passed, more tests by more testing organizations than Sonic’s proprietary air filter dry cleaning systems. In fact, independent tests have repeatedly proven that Sonic’s air filter dry cleaning systems will provide “better than new” filters as well as extend a filter’s life, reduce waste, lower maintenance costs and reduce the risk of equipment failure. Independent organizations that have tested and approved Sonic’s air filter cleaning system are:

  • South West Research Institute of San Antonio, Texas.
  • L.A County Metropolitan Transit Authority.
  • Professional Services Industries, Inc.
  • United States Military.
  • US Air Force MEEP.
  • California Environmental Testing Laboratory.

The Sonic Dry Clean System has a long record of proven success both internationally and now in Australia. Caterpillar & Komatsu Distributors in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales are using the Sonic cleaning system as their chosen method for cleaning air filters.