The Sonic Dry Cleaning System

The Sonic Dry Cleaning System is fully computerised involving a two stage cleaning process.

Stage one:

  • The dirty filter is placed into the machine and once the door is shut the filter is locked into position.
  • The entire cleaning chamber is under a vacuum with another two vacuum points located beside the air jets.
  • The first stage consists of a vibration cycle designed to sonically loosen heavily crusted particles while the filter is spun in a counter clockwise direction.
  • The vibration\rotation cycle is designed to blow the dirt particles back against the path of travel there by preventing deeper penetration of dirt and possible damage to the filter paper.
  • Most of the dirt is removed and vacuumed into a Torit Dust Extraction Unit during this stage.

Stage two

  • When the vibration stops the filter then rotates in a clockwise direction with precisely engineered sets of air jets blowing compressed air into the filter at angles designed to glance off the media.
  • The air jets mirror one another as they slowly traverse up and down the filter blowing out the remaining dirt and dust.

From here

  • The filter is taken to a dark room where it is placed on an arm that houses a 500-w~tt halogen light bulb.
  • The filter is rotated slowly around the light.
  • If there is a slight pinhole in the filter media it shows up dramatically against the dark background of the room.
  • Once the light test is complete the filter is placed on a manometer to check the air flow.
  • If the filter successfully passes these tests it is then given a thorough inspection before being labelled and bagged.
  • The filters are stored in single layers on pallet racking before being returned to site.